Friday, November 11, 2016

Infertility problem is very acute in the modern society. There are many different reasons for this: poor environment, hereditary and acquired diseases, stress and much more. This is a great happiness, if the pair manages to conceive, carry and give birth to a healthy baby. So infertile people who desire to have their own children seek the help of medicine.
Due to the science development and the technical progress modern medicine is at rather high level and continues to grow. Even in the middle of the last century, children conceived in vitro, look like a good plot for science fiction novella. Nowadays nobody can be surprised with stories about artificial insemination or conceiving outside the woman’s body. Moreover, the doctors offer to use the donor cells for conceiving if you have no your own ones of appropriate quality.
How to understand the variety of offered services? Of course, the doctor will tell everything in general that you have to overcome. However, you'll want to learn more. On our site you will find lots of useful information and a large number of informative materials on IVF, sperm and egg donation, surrogacy and artificial insemination in general. We'll tell you about the laws of different countries related to the field of artificial insemination. You'll learn about the standard IVF cycle and innovations in this area. Here you will find articles about what surrogate mothers have to undergo and what side effects egg donation has.
We debunk myths, reflect your expectations, thoughts, feelings, share your fears, support and make you relax. We allow you to feel that you are not alone, your experience is not unique, and you have the strength to cope with all you undergo.
Follow the updates and news, as everyone will find something for yourself on our site: those who have already asked for help from specialists, who are only going to do it, and who are just interested in this issue. We work for your convenience and calm. 

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