Friday, April 28, 2017

Testex released the latest wrap reel machine into the market

Guangdong, China:-  One of the pioneers in textile testing industries, Testex, has proudly announced the development and release of their latest wrap reel machine. The machine has been specifically designed to generate skeins of yarns of pre-defined lengths that will meet the need of the customer at the fullest.
The company has released two models of the machine, one with a winch circumference of 1000 +/- 1 mm, while the other measures at 54 +/- 1/16 inch. The number of wrap reels can be adjustable between 1 to up to 9999 wraps. The spacing of the spindle has been fixed at 60 mm distance. The traveling reciprocating distance has also been fixed at 35 mm. the pre-tension is adjustable between 2 and 100 cn.
The average weight of both the machine is about 55 kgs or 122 lbs. The dimensions of the machines are 780 mm by 660 mm by 510 mm (31 inches by 26 inches by 20 inches). Both the models require a power source of 220/110V or 50/60 Hz.
The customer can rest assured of the quality of the product. Keeping the tradition of the company, these machines also satisfies several criteria and has been certified with standards such as ISO 2060, DIN 53830, ASTM D 1907/2260, GB/T6838, GB/T4743, BS 2010, and GB/T14343. These standards ensure the finest quality product for its desired customers.
About the company
The Testex Company started in the Guangdong district of China in 1991. It has maintained its image as one of the finest manufacturers of equipment related to textile since then and has been able to set up its own factory in 2008. The company deals with the testing of a wide range of equipment like yarn equipment, fiber equipment strength, comfort equipment, etc. With its headquarters based in Hongkong, Testex has already extended its reach beyond the borders and have won several accolades especially from the Western countries.

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To learn more about this textile testing company, feel free to contact at the below-given address

No. 65, Dist. 2, Dabeiwan, Changpin, Daojiao, Dongguan, 523000 P.R. China Business Phone no: + 86 - 769 - 2329 4842

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